Move to WordPress 1.5

Just upgraded the install to WordPress 1.5 —> it’s very worth it!

First of all, you can have pages now that are controlled through the main template. Very powerful, could be a solution to the Ward III Neighbors problem of using “entries” as sub-category pages. Instead of various templates to load and change when updating, you can control the look, links, and feel of all your “pages” as if they were posts.

One cool new feature is the Themes section, which allows you to skin one or more pages on your blog, more control over . A new Dashboard was added as the default landing page to your blog admin, so that you can see latest stats on your site and posts from the WordPress Dev blog. It is a bit cluttered visually, though, so it might have to be cleaned up a bit.

The mod_rewrite and comment spam features are very much improved too.

Simpledream Blog up and Running is up and ready to go!

As of tonight, the new look and feel is good to go; it’s a sort of white and black theme. Very simple, just like the name.

The main feature that is essential to this site is the weblog, blog for short. The blog will consist of web design, web standards, and web development and programming commentary, news, and tidbits. The official tagline for the simpledream blog is: “Talking about design, web standards, css, and other goodies.”

The blog page will also include simpledream’s links, links to related sites, what I am reading now, and a very brief but important list of web design resources. Further down the line these link lists will be revamped I am sure, but it seems like a good place to start. And don’t forget the “Get Involved” links, which are organizations, festivals, and groups that simpledream is a part of and believes in.

The main reason for simpledream as a whole is to replace, which is Lance’s former web design site. The blog is a huge advancement, as well as the setup of the site in with PHP and MySQL to manage content and updates. The plan for simpledream in the long-term is to be a resource for non-web folks to learn web basics, see what goes into a web design project, and make good decisions as web site owners. For now, it is just a web studio portfolio, contact, and information site.

So there you have it. simpledream is online.