New Blue

You will notice that simpledream is coming at you in full blue now! The original site was supposed to be blue, but version 1.0 got changed to “shades of grey” at the last minute due to some time constraints for the launch date. It was actually weird how it happened. I read an article on “grey shadow” method for designing a website and thought is was so neat that I used it on the rough drafts for in Illustrator and Photoshop. Then the time crunch for launch came, and I said: “why not just launch it as it is?” The grey look was cool, and looked sharp with the logo and textmark. The grey look was never intended to last though, sad to say.

Anyway, as of tonight the version 2.0 in blue is officially live. The biggest difference is the blue color palette, but you might also notice the top banner is changed as well to reflect the true simpledream logo. The only other things added were some graphical elements and icons to spice up the design.

Hope you like it!

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