Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injury

One of the reason’s I haven’t posted much to simpledream blog lately is overwork: several large web projects are under way here at simpledream. I haven’t had a free minute to think and write.

One issue I do have time to dwell on each day is repetitive stress injury (RSI). With 14-18 hour days working at the computer the last two weeks, my body is starting to feel it…I have tried to break at least 5 minutes every hour, but it doesn’t always work out well.

Today I saw a great article on avoiding RSI on Google’s blog. If you are working long hours at the keyboard and mouse, RSI is definitely an issue. The article gives some great tips for staying fit and healthy while pounding the keys.

Hopefully soon I’ll come up for air and get back to a normal workday. If you know of any other great tips on avoiding work-related stress, send them my way.