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SXSW 2007 Wrap-up

It’s over… my time in Austin, that is. I had a great time listening to live music, seeing friends and colleagues, and enjoying the city’s great eateries. Big cheers to the free buses (aka “Dillos”) that served our RV campground conveniently, though I must say the walk home was very pleasant along the Town Lake bike/hike path.

Three hip-hip-hurrays to the SXSW Interactive conference, also. It was great to meet everyone including: Dominique Lussier (Ottawa, Canada), John Mosteller, Christiano Prado, Grant Hutchins (newly of SpiceWorks in Austin, TX), Rob Grady, Dan Ritzenhaler and Ryan Johnson (Forty) and the good folks from SOMA FM (I told them that I love Big Al, their AI DJ and got a sticker!). James Archer and Nathan Smith—sorry we didn’t get to talk and catch up. I hear from lots of folks that attended this year that it was almost impossible to catch everyone for more than a “hello”, so hopefully we can connect again soon.

The conference has grown (a lot) since my first time in 2005. It’s good for the industry, and shows an enthusiasm that is contagious enough to bring the creative industry (aka Interactive) to the mainstream. The downside was some logistical issues at the conference center and a harder time meeting and talking to everyone. I’m thinking of skipping next year and going to a WDN or AEA conference instead.

Here are my thoughts, gripes, and notes:

Helvetica: Love it or Hate it

I had the pleasure of attending the world premier of the film Helvetica. It was inspiring, educational, funny, and elegant. Most impressive for a film about a typeface! Go see it if you get a chance. See the full screening schedule. (Also note Kottke’s review.)

Future Panelists?

Notes to all future panelist/speakers:

  1. Please post slides to a URI for later reference (and for those that didn’t make it to the panel)
  2. Please use a simple, not clever, title for your talk, and stick with the topic after giving the details to the SXSW folks. There were several sessions this year that seemed to promise A,B,C and delivered X,Y,Z; in one case it worked out well and in another case it was disappointing.


Following are my notes and links from the sessions I attended. Like several other attendees, I tended to enjoy the one or two person sessions that were focused and well-prepared (as opposed to a fairly general panel that covered some ground but didn’t leave us with a lot of “take-aways” or solid learning.)

My favorites: After the Brief: A Field Guide to Design Inspiration (slides, podcast) and Web Typography Sucks. I liked both because they were superbly delivered, had great content, included valuable lessons, and covered areas that I need to work on.

Wishlist: Two sessions that I wish I had gone to are Writing, Better and Javascript: The Big Divide — both had great feedback and started good discussions. Can’t wait for the rest of the podcasts…

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SXSW 2007 in Austin, Texas

I’m in Austin for the third year in a row to attend South by Southwest Interactive, and hoping to get into the swing of things as panels start tomorrow at 10AM.

Erin and I are staying here for a few weeks, which is a nice change from the usual drive in Friday night and leave Tuesday afternoon to get home to work and family. Our “Sol Seeker” is camped a mile from downtown at the charming “Pecan Grove RV Park” along the Barton Springs restaurant row (we are next to Chuy’s, Shady Grove, Romeo’s, Uncle Billy’s, etc). We’re a stone’s throw from Palmer Auditorium and Zilker Park. (Oh, and if you are curious what/who Sol Seeker is, she is our home on wheels that we write about at “Travel Adventures with Lance and Erin”).

So this year should be great—the conference has grown by leaps and bounds. The keynote addresses are now housed in the Hilton Ballroom since they apparently outgrew the size available at the Convention center across the street. It’s encouraging to see and feel the excitement surrounding the web design and interactive media industries (and film and music, too, for that matter).

Speaking of music, a side benefit to being here for a bit longer is that we can catch some shows. Last night we saw “The Mother Truckers” at the Continental Club (awesome venue and great band!) and had a great meal at Guero’s Taco Bar afterwards, a local favorite. Tonight was a Lucinda Williams concert, but we had to skip it. Tomorrow we might stop by and see Jimmie Dale Gilmore at the Cactus Club… maybe.

Stay tuned for thoughts and ideas from this year’s conference; I’ll post my notes sometime next week. Aaron and Brian, I’ll miss seeing you guys here. Sam and Michael R., you should come next time!

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