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Better USPS Tracking

The United States Postal Service finally caught up to UPS, FedEx, and DHL with automatic tracking. Previously I had to manually enter the same tracking code over and over again on their website until the letter or package was delivered and the USPS updated its status in their system.

Now, after you enter the tracking number the first time, you will see the email tracking option underneath the search results.

postal screenshot 1

The email form allows you enter 1—3 email addresses for receiving updates on the package status.

postal screenshot 2

I wish this had been available when I worked in a mail order department of a retail store (Summit Hut backroom staff take notice).

Package tracking for me is most convenient via RSS. I use Bloglines‘s built-in Package Tracker to add tracking numbers. When an update is available, it is marked as “new” in Bloglines. Since my last use of the Package Tracker, Bloglines has now added USPS as an option.

If you track USPS packages or letters, it is now easier.