Clean and Simple WordPress Themes

At the Tucson Geek Meet for November 2007 we talked about good WordPress themes, especially ones that are clean and simply designed.

Here is a short list of WordPress themes that I like. Technical note: I haven’t checked the HTML/CSS source on all the themes, so while they may be visually appealing I can’t promise that they are well-built under the hood.

  • Cutline: From Chris Pearson, Cutline is an elegant design that works well for blogs and business sites. It’s available in two- and three-column versions. Pearson has three other great WordPress themes as well.
  • DePo: Designed by Derek Powazek, the DePo theme is minimal and graceful. The footer is a nice touch.
  • Hemingway: A long-time favorite on, this clean design is available in a light or dark flavor.
  • K2: Kubrick’s big brother — this is one theme that combines both clean design and a workhorse of a theme: sidebar modules, admin improvements, custom headers, live search, and more.
  • Simplicity: Very similar to Hemingway — simple, two-column design. (Site is in German, but English theme is available there for download).
  • And finally, for the very best in minimalist WordPress themes, check out’s The Best Minimalist WordPress Themes. I especially like Hemingway Reloaded.

Digital Fusion Hiring a QA Developer

See listing on Software Quality Assurance/Customer Support Engineer.

Digital Fusion is hiring a QA person. Apply today if you live in the Los Angeles area and fit the bill. You get to work with a great team!(Tags: , , , , , , )

Tucson Geek Meet, November 2007

Formerly known as the “Tucson Web Standards Group”, the Tucson Geek Meet is having a get-together the week after Thanksgiving at Old Chicago on North Campbell Avenue in Tucson. Save the date: Thursday, November 29, 2007 from 8:00 PM — 10:00 PM (add to iCal).

See details and get directions at the Upcoming event page.

Come out for food, drink, and good conversation with your fellow computer nerds and web geeks.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jeff, Jim, Geoff, Sam, and Face for coming out — we had a great conversation. It was a gorgeous night out on the patio with the rain!

Some things we talked about at the November Geek Meet:

If I missed anything, throw a link in the comments.