First OpenTucson Meetup: Great American Hackathon

This Saturday (December 12th, 2009) is the first OpenTucson meetup, and the purpose is to kick off Tucson’s participation in the Great American Hackathon.

In a nutshell: we’re inviting civic-minded coders, designers, and others interested in using their skills to make Tucson a more livable community to come together to create apps that can make a difference.

I would encourage you to come to the kick-off meeting. There are a variety of apps that could be built as part of the hackathon, so there should be a chance for everyone to get involved.

I know some of you have asked—I know I have—for more technical meetups and “hack days” in Tucson. This is the perfect chance to be a part of something that will satisfy your itch to hack on a project together. And, more importantly, it is a great chance to get involved in improving your local community.

Hope to see you there!

(Via TDAC.)