Accidental Contrast with Universal Access in Mac OS X

I had a terrible hour or two last night where my laptop screen went bonkers, no color contrast and my usual color schemes in TextMate and Terminal weren’t working. My eyes hurt trying to make out the text.

At first I thought I’d triggered something with a new application, or maybe my monitor’s brightness was wonky. That led to checking my color calibration, taking eyglasses on and off, and asking for a second opinion from my wife, “Does this look faded or washed out to you?” She confirmed it. “That looks really hard to read.”

I slept on it, trying to think of what apps or settings I’d tweaked recently. After a quick Google search this morning, I found out I’d accidentally upped the system-wide Universal Access contrast with a keystroke combination of Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-,—via this result. Turns out that with the Dvorak keyboard layout this keystroke combination is really close to Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-e, the keys used with window-resizing app called Divvy—an app I invoke often.

If you see whitewashed, faded colors in Mac OS X chances are you also turned on the “Enhance contrast” settings in System Preferences → Universal Access. To fix it go to that pane and change the slider back to “Normal”—or hit Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-. (with a period instead of a comma).

WordCamp San Diego 2012

It’s time again for WordCamp San Diego 2012. Sat Mar 24 and Sun Mar 25 will be two days filled with WordPress geeky goodness, a full conference on Saturday and a developer hack day on Sunday.

I’m speaking in the Developer track on Saturday at 2:10 pm—my topic is Theme Busters R Us:

Breaking themes for fun?! Crazy talk. Busting your WordPress theme–on purpose–can be both fun and useful. The process is a crucial part of building sites with WordPress, whether it’s for a client project, a personal blog, or releasing an awesome new theme to the world.

See the rest of the talks on the full Saturday schedule; there are two tracks to choose from (End User, Developer) with great speakers and topics.

If you’re not at the event you can still join in, the talks will be live-streamed. Check the WordCamp San Diego 2012 website for details.

Event Recap: Web with Molly

I recently attended the excellent Web with Molly workshop held in Tucson, Arizona (February 2012).

The overall topic was the Open Web. Understanding its history, key technologies, and important concepts. Molly presented over two full days, with interludes and additions by special guest Kimberly Blessing (who also took photos).

Even considering myself an industry veteran—I’ve worked full-time on the web for over seven years, I learned new things and solidified several of my weak areas. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who works on the web. And, Molly organized the weekend on her on time—and her own dime. Thanks Mols!

Here are my notes from the sessions.

Open Web

Preserving the infrastructure of the web so it remains open to everyone.

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