Slow Down to Find the Right Word

Screenshot of the “slow down to find the right word” passage from Norwegian Wood.

The patience and attention to find the right word inspires me. From Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

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Lance Willett

My name is Lance, I am a blogger, product manager, software developer, and business executive creating high-quality, engaging, and customer-centered experiences for people online. México-born.

4 thoughts on “Slow Down to Find the Right Word”

  1. I love this. As an introvert who would rather think and listen than speak, I try to choose my words carefully… but it’s often misinterpreted as being dumb, misinformed, “losing” an argument or discussion. SIGH

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    1. “The loudest voice wins” kind of thing. I also have the problem where in the moment I can’t find the perfect word. But much later I’m able to replay the conversation and find how I wish I’d replied.


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