Inclusive Design, Day 9/15: Review of Principles

This is day 9 of 15 in a short series on inclusive design. If you missed earlier posts, see day 1 here or view the full list.

Today I’d like to pause, take a deep breath, and review the principles of inclusive design as I’ve come to understand them.

Here’s the working draft we’re using in Automattic, with a nod to Kat Holmes’s work on Microsoft’s inclusive design toolkit.

1. Recognize exclusion.
2. Broaden perspectives and build empathy.
3. Bring diversity into teams and processes.
4. Solve inclusively for one, extend to many.


Kat herself describes these principles of inclusive design superbly in this brief video, from an O’Reilly design conference in March 2017.

For day 10 of 15 of inclusive design, I’ll share a story about making an app accessible to visually impaired users — which then benefits all users.

About this Inclusive Design series In 6 days I’ll give a talk on inclusive design at WordCamp Phoenix 2018. Leading up to the conference I’m publishing notes on voices, stories, products, and other resources: everything I’m learning about this emerging practice. This is day 9 of 15. Read more about the series.

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