(TTFS) Time to First Smile

Page load times are important to customer happiness, and if you haven't used the Chrome User Experience Report tool yet on your website or web app, I urge you to do so. Tracking things like: Time to First Byte First Paint First Contentful Paint First Meaningful Paint Time to Interactive These are important numbers to … Continue reading (TTFS) Time to First Smile

A Conversation Shines the Light

When you need to find common ground, a conversation shines the light. Talking with Group A: “Oh, they’ll [the "others" in Group B] never go for that.” “Have you asked them yet?” “Well, no. We tried to get a meeting and they declined.” "What about just quickly posting your questions?" "Oh, OK." Later, talking to … Continue reading A Conversation Shines the Light

TOA (Thoughts on Acronyms)

Have you ever seen an acronym in a work chat or read it in an online article — or anywhere — and immediately had to Google it? “Like, ummmmmmm, WTH does this mean? SMH.” “Ohhhhhhh. I see. OK. TIL.” The utility of acronyms is proven when the resulting phrase is easier to parse. The details are … Continue reading TOA (Thoughts on Acronyms)

Slow Slack

Slack is an amazing chat tool for teams, we use it daily at Automattic. Unfortunately it is unusable on slow connections, something I run into sometimes when traveling; recently in Nicaragua, rural Ohio, and Silver City, New Mexico. I wish it worked better in those situations. To their credit, the loading messages are humorous and … Continue reading Slow Slack

My Kind of Todo List

Remember Teux Deux? Me, too. Stumbled upon an old screengrab of my todo list from 2009. — Rock it — Kick some butt — Laugh — Have fun — Say thank you This is my kind of todo list.


This piquant thread on Twitter made my week: http://storify.com/Jtsternberg/conversation-with-nacin-simpledream-zamoose-johnpb I love the global nature of the WordPress, and how the community can come together for something silly and fun on Twitter. ÉPICÉ!

In the Abstract, Yes

A pun-splosion in IRC today—at work—about naming children programming language terms reminded me of one of my all-time favorite puns. A child psychologist who is all in favor of new, alternative discipline for kids comes home one day to find his two kids putting their hand prints in the freshly laid sidewalk in front of … Continue reading In the Abstract, Yes