Fix the Camera on a Mac Without a Reboot

Via my colleague Jonathan Sadowski, a simple command to run in Terminal to fix your Mac's camera when it's not working properly. sudo killall VDCAssistant Sometimes the video feed is just black or blank — other times you might see an error like "There is no connected camera." After you run that command in Terminal, the … Continue reading Fix the Camera on a Mac Without a Reboot

iPad Pro as Primary Work Computer

For most of July and August 2017 I’ve used an iPad Pro as my primary work computer. Here are my thoughts as I wrap up the experiment. I chose a 9.7-inch iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Why do this? Two reasons. First, as an empathy challenge to look for quality issues … Continue reading iPad Pro as Primary Work Computer

Accidental Contrast with Universal Access in Mac OS X

I had a terrible hour or two last night where my laptop screen went bonkers, no color contrast and my usual color schemes in TextMate and Terminal weren't working. My eyes hurt trying to make out the text. At first I thought I'd triggered something with a new application, or maybe my monitor's brightness was … Continue reading Accidental Contrast with Universal Access in Mac OS X

TextMate Power Tips

I recently gave an ignite-style talk about TextMate power tips, in the context of craftsmanship and tools. In the talk I only had time for a few of my favorite tips and tricks, which I'd like to share with you—plus a few more. Projects & Opening Files mate Quickly open files from the command line—a … Continue reading TextMate Power Tips

Change GNU Screen Keyboard Command

I changed the command character for screen from Control-a to Control-b recently, after switching to a wireless Mac keyboard. On this small, portable keyboard—which is the same layout as most Mac laptops—there's only one Control key, and it's on the left side of the keyboard. The weird angle to hit Control-a was hurting my hand. … Continue reading Change GNU Screen Keyboard Command