Slow Down to Find the Right Word

The patience and attention to find the right word inspires me. From Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

TOA (Thoughts on Acronyms)

Have you ever seen an acronym in a work chat or read it in an online article — or anywhere — and immediately had to Google it? “Like, ummmmmmm, WTH does this mean? SMH.” “Ohhhhhhh. I see. OK. TIL.” The utility of acronyms is proven when the resulting phrase is easier to parse. The details are … Continue reading TOA (Thoughts on Acronyms)

A Journey of Theme Craftsmanship

My name is Lance, and I love themes. What was my standard opening line for many years when starting a WordCamp talk is still true today. "My name is Lance, and I still love themes.” I’d like to tell you the story of my journey of theme craftsmanship—the ups, the downs, the unexpected results—and how … Continue reading A Journey of Theme Craftsmanship

Software Technical Writing Done as a Career: What Next?

Software developer—and former technical writer—Jim Grey gives advice to technical writers looking to stay in software as a focus on user experience (UX) replaces the need for technical writers. Software technical writing is a dying career (but here’s what writers can do to stay in the software game) | Stories from the Software Salt Mines. … Continue reading Software Technical Writing Done as a Career: What Next?

You Should Start a Blog

You blog whether you know it or not—even without a blog or website. You might not think of it as blogging. Yet, it is. Tweeting a photo or sharing an update on Facebook. A funny quote or story you see in your daily life. A beautiful sunset. Clueing in friends and family back home to … Continue reading You Should Start a Blog