Project Update: CPi Syndication


On January 21st, 2009, DigitalFusion announced the new CPi Syndication website.

The site was released today and has been in development for over 1 year. The new site is completely powered by DFStudio and our entire software team contributed to the project — Michael McHugh did the design for the site and Lance Willett implemented that design while Matt Gile and Michael Rush worked on changes and extensions to our DF Studio system to meet CPi’s requirements.

CPi specializes in the syndication of the highest quality American and international photography. You would normally need to be registered user to access the images, but CPi has teasers on their home page that give you an idea of the type of photography they offer.

I handled the front-end development for the new site, including implementing the design in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as integrating it with the backend framework (written in Java). The team has been very busy with client projects as well as continued work on DF Studio, DigitalFusion’s flagship web application for professional photographers (we recently released version 5 of DF Studio, but more on that in a later post).

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