Dvorak Redux

An update on my Dvorak learning experience, one year later. I switched one year ago, over Thanksgiving break. When I started, my goal was to get to 40 WPM to feel comfortable getting my daily work done. With that goal accomplished, I ran drills continually with the MasterKey software, and watched my milestones go by: … Continue reading Dvorak Redux

Still Learning Dvorak

Quick update on my progress typing with the Dvorak layout (see original post first if you missed it). I am now averaging 65 WPM in my drills, though I am a bit slower in real usage. Last week I blanked out my keyboard with stickers to force touch typing using Blank Keyboard Stickers in white … Continue reading Still Learning Dvorak

Learning Dvorak

To work smarter and faster at my craft, I took the plunge and switched to the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. At our Automattic company meetup in September Matt handed out paper copies of The Dvorak Zine, a fun, well-written treatise on why Dvorak is better than the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout. I read it on the … Continue reading Learning Dvorak