(TTFS) Time to First Smile

Page load times are important to customer happiness, and if you haven't used the Chrome User Experience Report tool yet on your website or web app, I urge you to do so. Tracking things like: Time to First Byte First Paint First Contentful Paint First Meaningful Paint Time to Interactive These are important numbers to … Continue reading (TTFS) Time to First Smile

Check Your Fuel Gauges

Via McKinsey Quarterly Q1 2018, The four questions to ask when serving on a nonprofit board. Question 4 hit home for me as I ramp up my leadership IQ, "Do we have the right ‘fuel’ to drive our organization?" If you want to be an effective strategic leader, you can’t settle for a regimen of reading board … Continue reading Check Your Fuel Gauges

Video: A Look into Calypso

http://wordpress.tv/2016/06/30/matias-ventura-a-look-into-calypso/ A Look into Calypso, a talk by Matías Ventura at WordCamp Europe 2016, is an engaging survey of the open source technology running the new WordPress.com publishing interface. Why it's important, what it's made of, the values and principles that guide it, and how to use it today for your own projects. The introduction of Calypso has brought the notion of a modern JavaScript approach to … Continue reading Video: A Look into Calypso