iPad Pro as Primary Work Computer

For most of July and August 2017 I’ve used an iPad Pro as my primary work computer. Here are my thoughts as I wrap up the experiment. I chose a 9.7-inch iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Why do this? Two reasons. First, as an empathy challenge to look for quality issues … Continue reading iPad Pro as Primary Work Computer

Pragmatic Thinking & Learning

Pragmatic Thinking & Learning, Refactor Your Wetware by Andy Hunt (2008) is sensible and matter-of-fact, a gem of a book that works well both as reference and as inspiration. A science-based lifehacker manual that serves as the ultimate guide to personal productivity. Full of tips, tricks, philosophies, and science behind how our brains function best for learning and thinking, the book covers … Continue reading Pragmatic Thinking & Learning

GTD Quadrant Flowchart

From time to time I take a close look at my workflow to see if I can improve it in any way. Incorporate new tools, processes, or ideas—or remove things that don't work or cause more noise than signal. I'd like to share a productivity hack that's worked well for me recently when trying to … Continue reading GTD Quadrant Flowchart

SSH Config for Slow Connections

Via Andy Skelton in 2010, proving once again that great advice is timeless. With these lines in your SSH config file—usually in .ssh directory in your user home directory—you'll enjoy a more reliable remote shell session. # Do not kill connection if route is down temporarily. TCPKeepAlive no # Allow ten minutes down time before giving … Continue reading SSH Config for Slow Connections

Automatic WordPress Updates with SVN

Want to keep your WordPress install up to date automatically? Follow these steps to add a cron job to update your WordPress install every 6 hours. Set up the install The WordPress install must be a Subversion checkout. You can grab the bleeding edge source with a command like this: svn co http://core.svn.wordpress.org/trunk/ . If … Continue reading Automatic WordPress Updates with SVN