Boaz Muhumuza: I’m Not a Problem to Be Solved

Via a disability rights project by The Open Society Foundations, an engaging and personal message about disability as mismatched conditions by Boaz Muhumuza.

I am not a problem to be solved.

The fact that I don’t see doesn’t mean I don’t think.

Inclusion has a clear meaning… This will mean shifting the framework for how people view disabilities. Previously disability was seen in one of two ways, either as a medical problem or a condition that evoked sympathy or pity. People have often asked me, “Have you tried to go to a hospital for your eyes to be treated?” They look at my lack of sight as the problem that should be solved. Or they see me only as someone to be pitied.

The human rights framework is meant to shift the problem from the person to the environment. The problem is not that I cannot see, but that my environment is limiting.

Hat tip: Akshay.