WordPress Barcelona December Recap

Tuve el placer de presentar sobre los temas de WordPress en la meetup de WordPress Barcelona para diciembre 2014. Joan Artés hizo un buen resúmen aquí: Ahorra 1000 Horas Con Underscores (con fotos).

Flags Are Not For Languages

Why flags do not represent languages. A blog about designing global user experiences: beyond language, location & culture.

Via Dominik Schilling.

WordPress theme tutorial: Mastering the post_class function

Excellent tutorial by by Fränk Klein, must-read for all you WordPress themers: Mastering the post_class function.

Testing for Web Accessibility in 60 Seconds

You want to make your website more accessible, but you don’t know where to start. David Kennedy can help.

Luke Woodward: My First Code Review Experience

If you find yourself in a position to have your code reviewed, do it. Wise words from Luke Woodward.

Bootstrap is a bad fit for WordPress themes

Fränk Klein explains why Bootstrap is a bad fit for WordPress themes—something I repeat often to anyone that listens to me ramble at the Tucson WordPress meetups.

UX for Good

UX for Good: Can We Harness Emotions to End Genocide?

My coworker Davide “Folletto” Casali shares his experiences participating in the UX for Good project.

Understanding different cultures is something that surely makes me a richer person, but it also informs my everyday design with a better perception of different people and behaviors.

Heroes emerged.

State of Drupal (and WordPress notes)

What can the WordPress community learn from the State of Drupal? (Via Nathan Smith.)

HTML5 Galleries and Captions in WordPress 3.9

All the information you need for WordPress gallery and caption HTML5 changes in the upcoming WordPress release, 3.9 — via Konstantin Obenland.